finger fun:

tut tut, yesss more nails. I cant help it, I guess it's a deep routed polish problem, after 24hrs I get bored and want to try something else.

from top: models own pastel pink with a coating of models own ibiza mix 

middle: models own in the navy with yet again a coat of ibiza mix (can you tell I'm a fan yet..)

bottom: snow white with black polka dots with a peace sign nail transfer! I have to say I'm becoming a decal transfer fan, I've tried nail wraps and found then an absolute nightmare, how anyone gets all the creases out is beyond me. these little transfers are so much easier plus you can wear any colour polish which suits me better! as long as you top up the clear polish and seal them well they last a long time... fan!

anyway I hope this gives you some ideas fellow painters!

caroline x


  1. Love your blog Caroline!Perfect mix of arts/crafts and all things makeup! Just spend a while reading through your posts, you have inspired me to get creative and do something arty, and I've just got out my Models Own Ibiza Mix to wear this weekend :) xxx

  2. Ah brilliant! I'm in love with that polish! I'm just about to tackle a new nail art design tonight, fingers crossed!

    hoping to make something crafty this weekend, I'll try and post something soon :D xx

  3. Really like the nail decal's where did you get them from? x

    1. I got them all on eBay! I cant remember the name of the shop though?! If you search on google for moustache nail transfers/decals you should be able to find them pretty easily though! I saw some on etsy as well :) xx



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