DIY shabby chic picture frame:

I was browsing in urban outfitters and saw a really cute  picture frame made from newspaper and string, rather than adding to my increasingly horrifying overdraft I decided to make my own! I'm quite pleased with it, if you fancy trying it yourself this is how I made mine...

I brought an A4 glass clip frame for less than £1.50 plus some assorted coloured string and pva craft glue.

I cut up a cardboard box into 1cm strips and fashioned them into rectangles (with a bit of sellotape assistance) I made 5 rectangles in total gradually decreasing in size.

now it's the fun part, cut a newspaper into strips and cover each card rectangle in layers using pva glue, I layered the newspaper until the rectangles were about the thickness of my index finger. once dry wrap the individual rectangles roughly with string (I wanted some of the newspaper print to be visible)

fit the rectangles into each other like a jigsaw and glue them together. then glue the finished frame onto the front of the glass clip frame. again leave to dry and pop in your favourite picture.

hope you like it!



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