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happy weekend! the weeks are flying by at the minute aren't they? feel like it'll be christmas in about 2 weeks at this rate, gah. it's been a very gabe-centric week over here as everything seems to be happening together! his first tooth swiftly became 3 and now 4 and he FINALLY started to crawl (which i'm half happy/half sad about.) teething trouble aside james and i are heading to the cinema tonight (whoop) and we're going to attempt to repaint the kitchen over the weekend. 

...james doesn't know about the kitchen part yet, wish me luck!

here's some stuff i've been reading this week:

have a great few days!

back soon

caroline x


  1. Enjoy the weekend!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. Ah, I feel like the news always filled in with sad news in the past few years.
    Hope you have a good weekend.



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