some goals for october

ok so nobody warned me that having a baby makes you super ambitious.. all of a sudden i have ALL the ideas and zero time to accomplish them! i've realised that having a giant to do list and a baby don't mix, instead, i'm just aiming to find a good mum/work/life balance so setting goals is way more achievable. I thought i'd share a few simple things i'm hoping to get done this month..

go on more walks. 

i love this time of year, there's something about the turning of the leaves that i find just utterly magical. gabe loves being outside too (he is super curious about pretty much anything) we tend to go for a long walk in the afternoons but this week we've been going on morning walks too and i've loved it. we stopped going out in the mornings when i was trying to get him used to sleeping in his nursery rather than napping in the pushchair or sling but a day of solid rain this weekend made me realise i want to make the most of every nice day we have left before the weather goes downhill!

set up a regular self care night.

i mean we all need this right? one night a week offline doing something that will make me feel cute the next day- like painting my nails or putting on some fake tan!

organise my photo albums.

from the minute gabe arrived i've tried to catch candid shots of his life on instant film. my favourite pictures from my childhood are the old polaroids and i want gabe to have the same! i already find myself getting super emotional when i look back at those first months so i'm glad i did. of course i also have THOUSANDS of digital pics on my camera roll and memory cards too, it's impossible not too tbh babies are addictive. i'm usually rubbish at getting pictures printed but i've been using the free prints app each month to get a bunch of my faves printed and i'm v. happy about it. i want to put some time aside this month to organise them into photo albums before it becomes too big a job!

wardrobe reshuffle. 

nothing too ambitious here, as much as i'd like to overhaul my wardrobe i don't have time to try everything on and sort through it. realistically i'll be happy to retrive my knitwear and winter coats from their storage bags and stash away my summer clothes (although i'll still be keeping back some of my midi dresses to layer up with my beloved chunky jumpers as i'm not 100% ready for full a/w attire yet.)

plan a night away (baby free...!) 

earlier this month we had out first night away from gabe in 8 months and it was fine.. in fact it was fun! we put him to bed and then his grandparents took over until we got back the next morning. it proved to me that i can have a night away without the dreaded mum guilt so we might try and fit in another night away this month if poss.

get back into yoga.

ok this is soooo not going to happen but i really want it too! i've been meaning to get back into some form of exercise but between meals, naps, milk feeds and freelance work there's not much wiggle room and quite honestly i'm tired so i've been putting it off! i think i need to make it more of a priority as it will be good for me in the long run so i'm adding it to this months goals anyway...

have you got anything you're hoping to achieve this month?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Ready to pull out all my sweaters too!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  2. I'm trying to prioritise self care and outside time for the rest of the year, I feel like 2018 has been so hectic that I need some slow time! Have you tried Yoga with Adrienne's 30 Days of Yoga? I find it's a really good way to get back into the habit of yoga everyday!

  3. Great goals! I really want to put together a few photo albums too, great for looking back :)

    Anika |



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