scandinavian bedroom buys that didn't break the bank.

scandinavian bedroom interiors

i had a long list of 'things i wanted to finish before the baby arrives' and one of the items on it was our bedroom. i knew we wouldn't have the time (or inclination) to do it later and i just wanted to freshen it up. sometimes i get bored of how a room looks and i just have to change something to make me happier! we decided to remove the gallery wall, declutter the cupboards, take away our old bed and repaint the walls. 

there was one thing on my bedroom wish list that i've been lusting after some time now- linen bedding. the only downside? the cost. as a serial bedding buyer i couldn't really justify spending £100-200 on a full set when there was so much we still needed to get for the nursery. 

linen bedding 

the most affordable linen i could track down was from h&m at a more reasonable cost of £80. but before i could purchase them i found a better deal.. yeah you guessed it, ikea. they've recently introduced the puderviva range in four colours. dark grey, white, green and the natural colour that i opted for. 

at £55 it's the most affordable linen bedding set i've found.. hurrah! 

minimal shelves
modern bedroom minimal scandi

i also changed my bed frame, settling on the kopardal bed which seemed a good compromise for me and james. it was much less fussy in design than our former one and i decided to leave off the headboard to keep the look more simple. (eventually i will probably invest in one or two large framed prints to hang above the bed? what do you think?)

minimal bedroom

the other scandi purchase was our shelving unit. we already own some of the super cute scandinavian string shelves but this large wall unit from sostrene grene was half the price and more than double the size. 

i tried a few ways of styling these shelves, eventually deciding on a less is more approach with just a few trinkets and books.

minimal shelf
scandinavian bedroom furniture

if you're looking for scandi style shelving i've also found some other affordable styles at hema which are worth a peek.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This room is beautiful! I’m totally obsessing over this shelving unit! Great styling and thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

  2. Linen bedding is lovely to sleep within but ironing?



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