DIY bead trivet

DIY bead coaster trivet ferm living
scandinavian bead trivet DIY

say hello to the quickest DIY ever.. a simple wooden bead coaster for your kitchen! if you're a fan of scandinavian design you'll probably recognise my inspiration from the ferm living cork trivet. (i've always been tempted to buy one but using up my wooden bead stash was too tempting ...and way cheaper!)

you only need two items:

string or leather cord.

bead trivet ideas

simply thread the wooden beads onto the cord (they come with the holes pre drilled!) when you've reached the desired size of coaster/trivet tie the ends together to secure! 

DIY bead trivet

it's perfect for using with hot teapots and saucepans in the kitchen. one day i might invest in the cork version but for now i'm pretty chuffed with my wooden dupe..

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Great diy!
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  2. That looks very chic, what a great idea!



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