DIY glass cleaner

best homemade glass cleaner recipe
DIY cleaning spray, window and glass

glass cleaning is never high on my agenda but whilst we were renovating the windows were so dirty from drilling dust i spent way more time than normal cleaning them! it was actually my mum who tipped me off about using vinegar to make my own spray so i couldn't resist a little experiment- especially one so quick.

i've tweaked this a little since our first batch but it's very simple and works a treat on my mirrors too!

you'll need:


simply combine one cup of rubbing alcohol, one cup of water and a tablespoon or so of white vinegar. pour into a spray bottle and you're done. (you can reuse an old plastic bottle or get a v.nice amber glass one like mine!)

top tip: use newspaper to clean your glass rather than a cloth for zero streaks.

homemade cleaning products, glass cleaner

there are a few different recipes to try- some with essential oils, some with cornstarch (i might try that one next as i had none to hand) 

if you've tried a good combination already let me know!

back soon

caroline x


  1. Fabulous DIY,i loved
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  2. I love the idea of making household items yourself, especially if it's so easy!

  3. Where did you get your cute labels? :) love this!



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