hello weekend

happy friday guys! this week has flown by right? i guess the bank holiday has something to do with it, that and the fact i got sucked into rewatching all the games of thrones episodes (again.) i'm going to ireland this weekend and i can't wait to see my family! we're also going to see our wedding venue for the first time since we booked it and my parents are coming along too- i think that's when it will sink in that i should probably start planning stuff at some point, yikes.

wait, i just realised i haven't officially announced i'm getting married on here have i? let me fix that. guess what, i'm engaged and we're getting married next year!!

have a beautiful weekend everyone, here's some internet things i like:

- a super cute pom pom idea.

- i love a bad date story.

- still not tired of trump memes.

- decided who you're voting for yet?

- this is so moving.

- i'll be making this for fruit picking season!

- new to netflix this month. 

- added to my comfort food cooking agenda.

back soon

caroline x


  1. I think it's gorgeous,that you get together with your family
    The pink pineapple
    New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/

  2. your photography is beautiful!

    Amy // www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

  3. Congratulations and I hope everything goes well with the wedding planning! :)




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