DIY easy make up storage

make up storage DIY

i may not have the most minimal make up collection but that won't stop me from making some minimal storage for it.. there's nothing worse than having brushes scattered around the bathroom right?

this easy holder only took about 30mins to whip up from leftover wood and works a treat! (if i'm honest i'm also hoping this DIY will inspire me to declutter my stash and streamline my current beauty favourites!)

make up organizer, make up holder DIY

you'll need:


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1. cut the wood to the size you want and sand down any rough edges. next pick a wooden drill bit (mine was a no 25) this size was wide enough to create a hole that would hold my all my lipsticks and brushes. 

diy make up

2. measure and mark two lines length ways along the wood. at regular intervals mark with a cross to indicate the drill holes. (i'll be honest i did a lot of this by eye using the drill bit as a guide on the spacing- it was pretty easy!)

how to make up storage

3. drill holes down into the wood, use a vice to hold the block into place on a workbench if you wish. i drilled each hole about 1" deep. the drill bit will leave small guide holes (see mine above) don't worry you can fill them in with wood filler.

sand down the edges with sandpaper to finish!

make up storage project
minimal make up storage

i'm a big fan of symmetry so i've drilled two rows of identical sized holes into my storage display. however you can vary the size to suit your make up collection.. maybe a few larger holes for foundation or some smaller ones for lip liners or eye pencils? you'd just need to measure out the spacing differently. 

wood make up storage project

i'm real pleased with how it turned out.. perfect for displaying my fave world duty free lipsticks and a great way to use up my leftover pieces of scrap wood! 

hope you like it..

caroline x

*post in collaboration with world duty free*


  1. Such a smart idea! My boyfriend is a carpenter so might get him onto this... xx

    Lucy |

    1. oh yaaas! you should 100% take advantage haha! :)

  2. Super simple but cute DIY!! I love it, thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

    1. thanks for stopping by as always! big love :)

  3. I love how simple it is, wonderful!

  4. Really the color of the wood.

    - Greta

  5. Such a great idea. I'm a Younique presenter and this will come in handy for all of my brushes!



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