5 tips to help you slow down

tips for slower living

ever feel like you're frantically rushing around trying to juggle 10 things at once? yup, me too. up until this year i was generally pretty stressed, life felt like it was passing me by whilst i was a ball of anxiety over deadlines and admin. i used to mistake being fast paced for being productive which wasn't always the case...

late last year i had to step away from work for nearly two months, up until this point the longest i'd been offline was at maybe a week tops. usually i'd have been concerned about not updating social media or sharing new DIY's but at the time it wasn't a priority. when i returned expecting the worst i discovered nothing had changed. you guys were still here reading (i heart you) my blog was fine, in fact my page views were at times better than ever. it was a massive wake up call.

i can see now that a lot of my stress was self imposed. since the start of this year i've given up being worried about catching up on ALL THE STUFF. now i prioritise what's really important and don't sweat the small things. if i take on work and have to slack off in another area to compensate i'm not going to lose sleep over it. this week i've been spending time with my family so i haven't got a new DIY finished (...something that would have bothered me a lot last year.) 

instead i'm sharing some ways to slow down and enjoy the small things again, i hope they help you too!

multitasking is for suckers.

seriously, stop trying to eat your dinner, text a dozen people and share an instagram photo at the same time. do one thing at a time, enjoy it, be in the moment. being busy doesn't mean you're being productive, take a minute to calm that sense of rush.

give yourself more time.

if you have an appointment leave 15 minutes earlier than you need to. it gives you time to breathe and if something delays you you won't end up in a panic. i hate being late so this is a big one for me! also have you ever noticed how the way you drive impacts the way you feel? i've realised that when i slow down in the car i'm actually way more chilled when i arrive somewhere. (zen driving is my new thing rn.)

find a slower hobby.

knit a sweater, read a book or learn a new skill. find an activity that you enjoy to indulge in. for me it's DIY, doing something with my hands has always been my escape from the hustle and bustle.

have some digital down time.

i tend to switch off or silence my phone at times when i'm with people so i can focus on them. lets face it between what's app groups, social media notifications or constant emails your phone can often be a big distraction from whats happening around you. (also procrastination on instagram is my number 1 way of wasting an hour that i could have been replying to emails or doing something more useful!) 


take a break or get outside for a while, you'll be happier and healthier for it. i used to feel guilty if i sat down to eat lunch away from my desk which in hindsight seems pretty ridiculous! if you decide to take an hour off to get your thoughts together the world will not implode- trust me. 

it feels good to slow down the pace.. you should totally try it.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. I loved reading this post! I totally need to slow down on the multi-tasking bit lol <3 lovin' your blog as always Caroline! <3


    1. takes practise but i'm getting there haha! thanks zara :))

  2. I know exactly how you're feeling! I always have the problem to be engaged in at least three things at once. Thank you for your tips, I will definitely try them out!

    1. yay- ah hope you do! i feel waaaay better for it! :)



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