DIY modern magazine shelf

DIY wooden magazine rack

when i was younger i lived for buying celebrity gossip magazines (sorry not sorry.) now i prefer to invest in swish interior and travel magazines that i'm loathe to throw away! i'd grown bored of my old DIY magazine racks so i decided i needed a fancy new one to keep everything looking cute.

my wooden holder was inspired by this home tour, i've never been able to track theirs down so i made my own version. i figured the construction looked simple enough? (and if you get the wood cut for you it's waaay easier.)

DIY magazine shelf tutorial

hammer and nails 
wood glue and wood filler

you can make yours as wide/high as you wish but i'll give you the dimensions of my shelf to get you started. i used 2cm thick lengths of timber which we cut into 5 pieces using a mitre saw.

base: 9cm wide x 80cm
2 x side pieces: 9cm wide x 24cm 
back section: 9cm wide x 76cm
front bar: 4cm wide x 76 cm

DIY magazine shelf

1. start by nailing the side pieces to the shelf base. the outside edges should be flush and you can apply a little wood glue along the joint before you nail them together. (you can totally make this shelf solo but it's easier with another set of hands or with a vice/workbench if you have one!)

2. once the sides are on you can nail the back bar in place between them. the top of the back bar sits level with the top of the sides as shown above. to finish nail in the front bar (i used a 4cm wide piece of timber on mine so you can see more of the magazines on display.) the front bar sits 5cm down from the top so the bottom is level with the bottom of the back bar. 

3. for the purposes of shooting this post i just used mirror plates screwed onto the back panel to hang it but once i pick it's permanent home i'll probably remove the mirror plates and just drill 2 holes through the back bar and screw the shelf directly onto the wall! 

how to magazine rack
how to build a magazine holder
wooden magazine shelf tutorial

you could also use it to display art prints or books if you wanted.. either way i'm dead happy with how it turned out!

hope you like..

back soon

caroline x


  1. So lovely and simple - I love that it's a display as well as storage.

    - Natalie

  2. This is so cool, I love it!

  3. I've been meaning to make a magazine shelf like this for a while now - it looks lovely! Might have to give it a try soon..!

  4. Oh my gosh its beautiful!! Soo jealous that you have the Kinfolk mag x

    Millie x

  5. Beautiful shelf. Love the nude wood. it looks very pretty on the white wall.

    Have a lovely day :)

  6. Beautiful shelf. I have lots of magazine in my table drawer.I love how you organized your magazine. This rack will be my next project.

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