DIY vinyl record storage

diy magazine holder, vinyl record storage project

since the arrival of our record player i've been hunting for cute ways to display our vinyl. after trying out a few options i decided to make a simple wooden rack to store them. 

i much prefer it to the big record units i don't have room for plus it doubles up as a magazine holder/kitchen dish rack if you don't want to use it for records. we all love a multipurpose DIY right?

diy vinyl rack- magazine holder tutorial


two 40 x 2cm wooden pieces
1cm thick wooden dowel
wood glue
drill with 1cm wood bit
tape measure and pencil

diy tutorial

1. take two lengths of wood (mine are 40 x 2cm.) mark a cross every 3.5cm from end to end. 

vinyl rack diy

2. drill along the wood where you have previously marked using a 1cm wood bit (make sure the drill bit is the same thickness as the dowel you are using or the pieces won't fit later.) don't drill through the wood and aim to keep the depth of each hole the same. give the holes a rub with sandpaper to smooth.

diy vinyl rack

3. mark another hole on one side 4cm from the top and drill. repeat 4cm from the bottom on the same side. do the same on the other piece of wood so you have 4 side holes that line up together as shown above.

4. take a hacksaw/mitre saw and cut 26 pieces of dowel that are 9cm long. sand down any rough edges with sandpaper.

uk diy blog

5. pop a little wood glue into each hole and hammer in the 26 pieces of dowel to finish!

(if you want to use this as a dish rack rather than vinyl/magazine storage be sure to varnish the wood first.)

diy record display, magazine rack, vinyl holder
diy record storage ideas

pop in your records or magazines and enjoy!

hope you like, back soon.

caroline x


  1. That looks very cool, I need something like this for my magazines (sadly I don't have Vinyl records).

  2. Yess I love it x

    Millie x

  3. Beautiful record player! I love it! Also I've always wanted to have this Lana Del Rey vinyl record. Nice post!



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