DIY embroidered cacti purse

how to sew a cacti purse craft tutorial

it's been a while since i picked up a needle and thread but this DIY was the perfect way to get back into the swing of things! i love the embroidered tee's that have been flooding the high street this summer (particularly brandy melville) so why not try my own?

i wanted to create a simple cacti pattern that i could stitch onto a purse, i'm heading on holiday this weekend and i thought it would make the perfect travel companion!

you only need a few items for this easy project:

cacti purse

1. practice your design on paper first- once you're happy lightly draw the design onto your purse with a pencil.

2. thread your needle with one of your green threads and tie a knot at the end. pick a place to start and push the needle out through the purse from the inside, sew a running stitch following the pencil lines you drew earlier.

3. continue sewing until you have finished the first cacti, knot and trim the thread inside. rethread your needle with another colour for the cacti flowers (i used a dark yellow and lilac for mine.)

embroider the second cacti in the same way!

how to embroidery purse

i think it's mega cute and just the right size to fit my money, passport and emergency lipbalm in..!

back soon

caroline x