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my fave thing about summer is sitting outside enjoying the company of friends and family.. the worst part is waking up the next day covered in mosquito bites (seriously. every. time)

when i go on holiday i bring a whole heap of insect repellent but i have a tendency to forget to wear any at home. this year i've been burning citronella candles outside instead, its a smell that always reminds me of summer holidays and helps keeps those pesky bugs at bay.

citronella candles are dead easy to make, these ones contain real citronella oil not fragrance so they're more effective! read on and i'll talk you through the simple process- it involves melting stuff- YAY.

how to make candles


bowls, jars or empty tin cans

diy candles

1. glue the wick into your bowl or container, pre waxed wicks are easiest to use! note: you could also recycle empty food cans for these candles just cut the tops off and clean them first.

tutorial- how to candles

2. melt the soy wax using a double boiler method (a large bowl over a pan of simmering water- it's the same way you'd melt chocolate!)

once the wax is liquid take away from the heat and add your citronella oil, make sure it's pure citronella oil like this one and not a fragrance oil. i've used 30-40 drops of oil per candle which i find gives a good strong scent.

citronella insect repellent candle

3. leave the wax to set, if you find the candle dips in the centre heat up a little extra wax and top up the candle to level it. trim down the wick before you burn it!

how make your own citronella candles
how to make candles tutorial

i think these are such good fun to make and using your own bowls is a cute way to dress your outdoor dining space too! mine are heading out to my patio ready to use on our next sunny evening...

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