DIY shibori peg bag

how to shibori dye fabrics

keeping up with the cycle of washing, drying and packing away laundry feels never ending some weeks! my washing line gets a fair amount of use in the summer months so i decided to make myself a shibori peg bag to keep things neat and pretty!

this is a really fun project, if you've never tried it before shibori is a traditional japanese folding technique that produces a variety of cool patterns during dying. i'll tell you how i made mine..


cotton drawstring bag
fabric dye
bucket or large saucepan
string/elastic bands

shibori techniques

- first you need to fold your cotton bags lengthways accordion style.

- once you have folded accordion style take the end (without the drawstring) and fold over to create a small triangle. flip the length over and fold again, keep turning and folding until you have folded the length into a snug triangle as shown above. tie some string or elastic bands around the corners to secure.
(this will create a diamond pattern like mine. i also folded another bag into a square design.)

- next mix up your dye (follow the manufacturers instructions) and dip your fabric bundles into the dye. either submerge for a deep colour/minimal white areas or just dip the edges in for a more gentle pattern. i had mine in for around 10 minutes!

- rinse off your bags. my dye called for a cold water rinse but check what your brand recommends.

easy shibori craft project

go take a peek at my other shibori tutorial for more details and folding patterns! 

shibori bag tutorial

....i still hate doing laundry but this cute bag make me feel a teeny bit better about it!

back soon

caroline x


  1. Love it x

    Millie x

  2. You need to come around to my house and do a bit of DIY everywhere! I love this - I will definitely be showing this to Tom later x

  3. This is super cute, well done!

  4. That little bag does make a nice laundry bag. But not only.


    Renaud |

    1. Thanks renaud! would be a good laundry bag/gym kit too I think :)



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