5 things you need for a cosy night in

pamper night essentials

as we inch closer towards october i'm starting to get excited about autumnal nights, i've always looked forward the time of year when our days become shorter and our evenings get darker! i find autumn a magical time of year, although i miss the balmy days of summer i adore the change in season and the giant mugs of hot chocolate it brings. 

with our summer drawing to a close i thought it was the perfect time to talk pampering! i've been meaning to put together a post about my perfect night in for a while. james and i are creatures of habit- we both love to spend a sunday night relaxing together.

here are five things i think you need for the perfect night in!

5 things you need for a cosy night in

unleash your pamper products.

i start the night off with a long bubble bath (essential right?) i throw in my favourite products, give my skin a good polish with lush exfoliator or my molten brown bar and finish up with a healthy lather of moisturiser. i'm still using this DIY cream minus the aloe vera.

during the week i try and keep up with my skincare regime but on a pamper night i love to go the extra mile and treat my skin to a few extra products in my arsenal. first up- getting rid of any make up residue with my aesop facewash, then i opt for a face mask, current faves are my antipodes aura manuka honey* and aesop parsley seed mask, both of these are gentle but deep cleansing. i tend to give my skin a good spritz of serozinc toner after and then finish off with my power duo- estee lauder advanced night repair ampoules* and revitalizing supreme +* to plump my skin. my skin always drinks up products after a face mask so this rich cream is a lovely way to finish. 

after my face is fully loaded i move onto my hands, cuticle oil and hand cream is a must especially if i've had a gel mani. i love to give myself a pedicure at home too, starting off with a foot soak and scrub, i give my toes a quick tidy and polish and then slather them in moisturiser for a head to toe pamper session.

create some atmosphere.

a cosy night isn't complete with a few essential ingredients- candlelight and soft lighting is key! i have a big collection of scented candles but i'll only burn one at a time, for extra light and atmosphere i'll light tall taper candles with tea lights scattered around at various heights. i also like to grab a big knitted throw and some oversized cushions or pillows to pile on the sofa to snuggle into. i might have a small lamp or string of fairy lights on but NEVER the ceiling lights.

grab some snacks.

food, my other great love! a night in is always a little indulgent so you have to have some tasty snacks to hand. if i'm being healthier it may be a picky selection of meats, crackers, olives, dips and vegetables. other nights i'll pop to m&s or waitrose and grab a pizza and a bottle of pinot! if all else fails we reach for the phone and get a take out. we don't really tend to eat desserts but we always have popcorn and hot chocolate within easy reach.. obvs.

wear comfy threads.

..aka pyjamas or joggers! i love investing in new pj's and loungewear, comfort and oversized wins every time folks. if i want to look less slob-esque i'll wear a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee.

don't forget the entertainment.

i remember telling a friend james and i had an evening of 'netflix and chill' planned before i twigged as to that particular code (AWKS) but getting stuck into a good boxset or film is a big part of any night in for me. at the minute we just finished watching 'the night of' (currently on sky atlantic or catch the boxset on now tv) we've also been working out way through new episodes of narcos and bloodline on netflix. if you're into a good documentary or crime store check out my fave netflix offerings!

my last piece of advise? put your phone on airplane mode, cause nobody should come between a girl and her night off!

back soon

caroline x


  1. I love a good pamper session, that Aesop Parsley Seed mask is heaven!

    - Natalie

  2. Thank you Caroline for sharing the Aura Manuka Honey Mask, Glad you love it!

    1. i do! adore your products- still using your mineral powder foundation- the best! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing Antipodes Manuka Honey Face Mask. The images are beautiful. #lovethearoha

  4. Such a great tips! I also like to make a little aromatherapy with an essentail oils)


    1. ooo that's SUCH a good idea- thanks for the tip! :)



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