hello weekend

week summary and links to fun stuff

phew... made it to another weekend! this week has been busy but fun- i went to the seaside for a few days with my mum, sister and the kids which was ace. however this morning i managed to delete every project i'd photographed in the last 2 weeks (IDIOT ALERT) so i'm now waaaay behind on work and freaking out a little!

so apart from retaking a million photographs this weekend i'll be heading to a birthday shindig, running errands and spending some quality time with my second family (the kardashians- don't judge.)

hope you have a great few days!

cutest DIY holiday invite!

really enjoying this podcast.

must. not. eat. this.

for your walls..

and for your ears!

back soon

caroline x


  1. Hopefully these 'second time around' images are just as good as the first, have a lovely weekend x

    Millie x

    1. haha nearly... at least i learnt my lesson so it wont happen again ;)



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