DIY concrete vases

how to make concrete vases

i found these cute bud vases and really wanted to do something with them. i thought about staining or spraying them but i decided it would be way more fun to dip them! (is dipping really 2015? idk but that's what i felt like doing.)

instead of dipping them into paint i opted for my other favourite material- concrete. it's really simple to do and i adore how they turned out!

concrete vase DIY


tupperware container

concrete DIY

1. source some vases. i picked up these cheap unglazed vases at hobbycraft, the unglazed surface was great for dipping as it had some 'grip'.

how to

2. add 2 cups of dry cement into a plastic container. (the container must be larger than the vase you plan to dip!)

3. cover a small area of work surface with newspaper or plastic- you'll want somewhere to pop your vases after they have been dipped.

4. add water to the cement and mix until it is smooth and silky. plunge the vase down into the wet concrete whilst holding the rim, remove and leave to dry*

(*you want drips to run off without any excess gathering at the bottom of the vase- I balanced my vases on top of tealight candles whilst they dried which worked perfectly.)

how to make concrete vases
concrete DIY projects

i love using industrial materials to make something 'pretty' and the grey and white combo fits in with my scandi decor ambitions!

would you be tempted to work with concrete?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Simple and easy!! And so beautiful x

    Millie x

  2. Love this! I'm pinning this for my future place!

  3. They're wonderful. Where did you buy your cement from?



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