DIY granite tealights

faux stone candle holder DIY project

i'll be honest and admit i nearly didn't make these tealights.. they were so simple it didn't really feel like a project (but who was i kidding? i love easy DIY's and i really liked how they turned out!)

you might remember a while back i discovered stone effect spray paint? i loved making these DIY stone vases so when i saw another spray it was a no brainer to try something else. 

i bought some plain tea light holders and treated them to a snazzy faux stone makeover..

how to add a fake stone effect



how to fake stone effect

as you can imagine this is pretty darn easy:

1. spread newspaper over your work surface (outside or in a well ventilated area.)

2. shake the can well and spray your tealight holders- i've used granite spray for mine. the stone effect looks best after a couple of light coats- leave it to dry between layers as the force of the spray can disrupt the pattern if you try and coat it again too soon.

3. once finished pop in your candles and enjoy!

faux stone tutorial
stone effect candle holder
how to make tealights

feeling pretty zen with all my new candles burning..

do you like?

back soon!

caroline x