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notebook re-cover

i genuinely believe you can never have enough stationery- in particular notebooks! writing 'to do' lists is a constant part of my routine (and my favourite way to procrastinate) so i figured i should personalise some of my stash. 

the idea came to me when i found some seriously cute wrapping paper that was too nice to part with.. so i covered my notebooks with it instead!

how to re-cover notebooks
diy notebook

if you have some notebooks in need of a facelift read on..


wrapping paper
ruler and craft knife

1. cut out a section of wrapping paper 1.5" larger than the notebook when it's fully opened.

2. to re-cover the notebook, coat the original outer cover in craft glue and cover with the new paper. (smooth out any air bubbles on the surface!) next you'll need to wrap the excess paper over the edges, make 'v' shaped cut into the edges of the paper to help with the folding. glue down the flaps.

3. glue another rectangle of paper on the inside cover to hide all signs of the original (you can stop here if you just want to re-cover your books!)

diy books

4. as an optional touch you can stick on letters to personalise your notebook- i picked up these self adhesive cork letters in tiger store.

notebook DIY
notebook craft project

you can add slogans or names onto the cover- whatever takes your fancy!

handmade notebooks

but if you decide to leave them plain they still look pretty darn cute.

are you a stationery addict too?

back soon

caroline x


  1. This is so so fun, such a cute idea! x

  2. These look amazing x

    Millie x

  3. Couldn't agree more!! The more the merrier! These are just wonderful : D

    Faded Windmills

  4. They are soooo cute, omg. I love stationery, I should give this I try. Gonna go on a cute wrapping paper' hunt brb.

  5. Very creative and resourceful! I think people should start being creative and think outside the box to de-stress and come out with new ideas. DIY's are actually "in" right now, besides being creative, you also get to save money. Will forward this to my college friends and post it via



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