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the one thing i love to surround myself with? flowers, for me they're a simple reminder to live happier!

as you know my home is full of plants and blooms, i'm a big believer they lift my mood and create a sense of wellbeing in my space. flowers are the easiest way to inject nature and colour into our busy urban lives... and well they're just so darn pretty.

i'll admit i've had my fair share of botanical disasters (many a cacti have met a watery grave by my hands) which is why i'm excited to share a new discovery with you. KADO are a new flower brand that have created a range of easy care outdoor flowers, hallelujah. 

not only are they easy to care for but they're also longer lasting, pow! (my inner amateur gardener is so happy right now.) 

KADO flower brand

the really cool thing about these flowers? they're been cared for in a patented, specially blended soil tailored to their individual needs. you don't have to have green fingers to keep these alive and kicking, just water regularly and watch them thrive. 

KADO offer an annual collection from petunias to begonias in spring to mandevillas and dianthus in summer so you can have longer lasting flowers for every season. geraniums are my mum's favourite flower but her's have never looked as good as these (sorry mum!)

easy care plants

don't have a garden or outdoor space? these would make a perfect addition to balconies or window ledges (i also think they'd make awesome gifts?)

the range comes in modern pots and hanging baskets, as you can see mine came in snazzy green planter. i wanted to share a few snaps before i picked out it's new home- i'm torn between having it at the front door to brighten up the entrance or putting it in the back garden to enjoy in the evenings?

if you're looking to decorate your urban space these beautiful blooms are available exclusively at Waitrose right now,  go get 'em tiger!

i don't know about you i'm beyond excited for the summer to arrive so i can dust off the bbq, what do you think to this new launch?

back soon

caroline x

*sponsored post with KADO, all opinions and love of pretty flowers my own!


  1. this is such a cute idea, love your photos!

    rachel // Style Soup

    1. thanks rachel! 100% in love with anything pretty and easy to look after haha :)

  2. Very cute ideas x

    Millie x



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