DIY rosewater face toner

rosewater face toner DIY

i know some people hate it but i think valentines day it's pretty cute -even if it is totally commercial. 
last weekend i decided to try a project inspired by valentines- making my own rosewater. roses and valentines kinda go hand in hand right? 
making rosewater is a super easy process and i'm a sucker for anything that involves using snazzy spray bottles. as it's a natural recipe you can use rosewater as a facial toner (plus it's great for setting make up!)

DIY rosewater face toner

the nifty thing about toners is that you can make them to suit your own skin type, i wanted something very simple so i've used rosewater. it's a soothing anti inflammatory that reduces bacteria so it's perfect for use as a natural toner. don't worry if you don't have access to organic roses -you can still use this as a room spray as it smells great! 

read on and I'll tell you how to make your own..

rosewater tutorial

to make your own rosewater you'll need:

6-12 roses (organic or home grown)
large pan

(I also added witch hazel but this is optional-you don't need this if you're using the rosewater as a room spray)

DIY toner

add rose petals (I used about 8-10 heads) into the pan. don't add the stalks and give the petals a rinse under tepid water first to remove any grit.

add enough distilled water to cover them (the more water you add the less concentrated the end result will be so add to suit.) 

add a lid and simmer over a low to medium heat for 20-30 minutes until the leaves have lost their colour. 

the water will become a cute shade of pink and the smell is lovely and sweet.
strain off the petals and use a funnel to pour the rosewater into the glass spray bottles. I added a table spoon of witch hazel into my toner as it's good for inflammation (be gone spots!)

natural rosewater toner DIY
DIY natural face toner recipe
DIY face toner- rosewater @burkatron

once it's bottled it should keep for about 4 weeks, just don't leave it in direct sunlight (using a dark bottle also helps.) you can keep it in the fridge so it's really cool and refreshing when sprayed.

would you try making your own?

back soon!

caroline x