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I love my little office and ikea desk, other than a few scratches it's lasted well for the last 2 years. I had a habit of leaving deliveries and projects piled up next to my computer (a kind of 'to do' pile) but I've started to keep my desk clean and organised and I think I've been more productive since!

I only leave a few essentials on there now including this awesome retro princess telephone (to gossip with my sister obvs) and my 2016 calendar from tiger. I love to have some form of plants on rotation where I'm working and at the minute it's cacti and cuttings in vases.

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there are two things that never leave my side- tea and notebooks. I love muji stationery especially their checklists so you'll always find these in close proximity. 

we've just finished renovating the spare bedroom and I've decided to use it for my new home office/dressing room, so I'm going to be packing up my desk and relocating it! it's taken a couple of weeks but the new floor is in, windows have been replaced and all old furniture has been collected by our local charity shop- hurrah. (over the last two years we literally dumped everything we didn't use or want anymore in there so it gradually became a big ol' junk room!)

I currently work out of our second bedroom so we're going to turn that space back into somewhere guests can stay over. we're planning to look for a day/sofa bed in the new year as we don't necessarily need a double bed in there full time and it will give us more options for how we use the room. 

james is angling for a games room.. I think fifa might be the only way I can lure him back to ikea so he might win that battle, gah.


the other items I tend to keep on my desk are stacks of old magazines (I can't completely kill the hoarder in me) my 2015 planner and candles. 

nothing beats a good scented candle for putting me into a more zen state of mind- especially if I 'm working late! this one is from flamingo gifts who I abso recommend you visit if you're after some cute christmas gift ideas..

what are your desk essentials?

back soon

caroline x


  1. i love you're little space especially the notebooks, I'm going to have to go into muji sometime!

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

  2. So cute, I love how minimal and monochrome your desk is x


    1. thanks holl- so much nicer when I keep it tidy haha :) xx

  3. Your desk is so clean and minimalistic, I love it!
    Maddy, xo

  4. Aaaah, I absolutely love that phone! I've wanted a princess phone for so long. Of course, love the Orla Kiely mug too, I think I need to go and have a peruse on this website pronto.

    Catherine | Lady Liquor

    1. be warned- so much temptation!! the phone is so cool though- it has an old school ringer -love it :) xx

  5. Love your office space. I'm always pinteresting and switching up my own desk area as I get bored easily and find that a clean, decluttered space keeps me more motivated to get work done! x


    1. 100% agree- it's way more productive now :) xx

  6. I am loving the mug :)




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