DIY easy rope planter

can you believe it's december 1st already..? yikes. I'm heading out to buy our christmas tree tonight and I'm pretty damn excited about it! I have a few festive DIY's in the pipeline but I thought I'd share a quick project from the summer that's been hiding out in my photo archives.

it's super easy and involves plants again.. I know. sorry.

how to make a rope planter
makeover old pots with this easy diy

this was a very quick makeover of an old pot that was a little discoloured and damaged. it was the perfect size for my fig tree so I decided to give it a quick fix up using some old rope!

tape one end of the rope to the bottom of the pot and start applying the glue around the sides of the planter. I worked from the bottom upwards covering the pot with glue as I wrapped the rope around. snip the rope off at the top and glue  the end down to finish.

once you've left it to dry you can start using it- easy peasy huh? I think this would look even better with thick jute string but I didn't have enough to cover a pot this size!

rope planter diy project
fabric rope covered pot

this is a really simple way to change the look of old pots and you could even paint on geometric patterns with fabric paint to jazz things up..

what do you think?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. I can only imagine how stunning your whole house is with all of your amazing DIY posts! xx

  2. love this project! i have several pots that are hiding in storage because they aren't pretty...this is the perfect fix! love!

    1. yay- this would be ideal! thanks emily :) xx



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