DIY wooden key shelf

I spend far too much time hunting for keys- I always seem to find them hiding in a place that I'm convinced I didn't leave them? in an effort to preserve my sanity I decided to make a welcome home shelf and now my daily battle to find my car keys has come an end.

..when I get home I dump out my pockets and hang up my keys (where I can find them) hurrah!

this shelf is super easy to make and only needs a few materials.. read on to find out how to make your own.


you need 2 pieces of wood- they need to be the same length but different widths. the larger piece which makes the back is 8" x 14". the smaller piece makes the shelf is 5" x14".

I used a ready made pine shelf that I cut into smaller pieces but you can also buy a length of pine and cut it down.

use wood glue to secure them together into an L shape as above. you can also add a few nails but mine felt pretty damn sturdy after it had dried so I didn't bother.

cut some small 1" pieces off a length of dowel with a hacksaw to make the wooden pegs. you can also cut up an old broom handle! (I've used 21mm dowel but you can use any width you like.)

sand the pegs down and line them up onto the back of the shelf - mark where you want them to sit.

dab some wood glue onto the pegs and place them into position, if any glue seeps out you can wipe it away with a cloth or small brush. leave to dry and your key holder is finished!

I positioned my pegs to one side so the other half of the shelf is free to display other items.

I've used a bunch of removable command strips to hang mine in place and I really love  how simple it looks up. I made sure my shelf was wide enough to take a small plant pot as I just bought this cute concrete one from hay and I wanted to display it..

so there you have it- one easy peasy key holder designed to stop me having a meltdown over lost car keys every morning.

would you be tempted to make one?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Love it! Looks so picturesque, also really love the yellow cushion x

    Millie x

    1. thanks you! it's an orla kiely cushion- from john lewis :) xx

  2. so cute! and where did you get that concrete vase?



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