DIY faux ceramic hanging planters

use air dry clay to make these faux ceramic planters!

one of my favourite DIY's this year was my clay hanging planters that I made back in may.. I'd been thinking of making some more to hang in my kitchen but I wanted to do update them a little with a faux ceramic look inspired by these beautiful cups and bowls I found on pinterest.

tutorial for making faux ceramic planters using air dry clay
diy planters using leather cord and air dry clay.
make these DIY planters with a faux ceramic finish with this easy tutorial


paintbrush and toothpick

create a faux pottery effect using acrylic paint and gloss medium.

first make your hanging planters using the clay- follow my tutorial from earlier this year here

-once they have dried sand them down well to smooth the surface.

-mask off the bottom with tape and paint the bottom half brown, remove the tape and leave to dry.

-dip a toothpick or pin into the black paint and start dabbing all over to create a speckled effect.

-leave to dry and then brush on a couple of coats of gloss medium to add a faux glazed finish.

-thread your cord through the holes and hang them!

make some hanging planters with a realistic ceramic finish!
simple tutorial for making hanging planters using air dry clay!

I love using air dry clay but I guess you could try these with polymer clay too? I only tend to prefer air dry as it's much softer to work with (kinda like play doh)

don't fancy hanging them? skip adding the holes for the cord and just display them on your shelves instead!

what do you think.. would you try making some?

back soon

caroline x


  1. How awesome made. I must try to make it by myself :)
    Blue Ducklings

  2. These are beautiful. I feel like I'm the last person on earth to use air dry clay, but I have so many plants that need cute pots!



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