DIY hanging clothes rail

as I started to unpack my winter wardrobe two things hit me. 1- I seriously need to stop buying clothes and 2- I really need more storage. so I finally got round to making a DIY which has been on my to do list for months (the shopping problem I'm still working on...)

my inspiration for this DIY came from this ferm living clothes rack, I loved the leather strap detail and the simple scandi lines. I decided to use wood for my rail but you could easily switch this for copper pipe or any other type of metal. I wanted to make use of some of the dead wall space in my room and a hanging rail was the perfect solution. 

...I get more storage to hang my clothes and it looks pretty neat. WIN.


take your leather straps and punch a hole in each end of the strap- so 4 holes total. make sure the holes are wide enough to slip over the end of your screw hooks. (basically the same process I used in this leather strap shelf project a few weeks ago.)

my straps were 50" in length so they hang roughly 25" from the ceiling when they are hung. if you want the rail closer to your ceiling just trim the straps before you punch the holes.

take your length of wood dowelling and cut it to the size your require, I trimmed mine to 5ft with my hacksaw. 

to finish screw your hooks into the ceiling- use a drill and wall plugs if needed. hook both holes on each leather strap over the ceiling hooks to make 2 slings. feed your wooden dowelling through and you're done!

all that's left to do is grab your fave items and display them to your hearts content. (within reason obvs, I wouldn't try and cram 50 coats on it)

do you like this DIY- is it something you'd try yourself?

I'm off to bury myself in the last episode of doctor foster, I finally managed to get around to watching it and I'm totally hooked...

back soon!

caroline x

ps. my hangers are from this copper hanger DIY


  1. Very clever and looks so good! Double win!

    Rachel x

  2. Such a good idea, looks amazing! xx

  3. Great DIY storage, it looks awesome. I would definitely try this if i had a bigger room!

    Emma at

  4. Love this idea and it looks so chic! And how good was Doctor Foster...!


  5. Such a good a idea. Thanks for share!!

    Shay x

  6. This is such a great idea! I love it, definitely a very innovated and cheap alternative to other storage systems!

  7. I will create this once I get my own room

  8. How wide are the leather straps you used?



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