DIY colour block jewellery boxes

I'm a bit of a magpie, I just can't help myself. I love buying little trinkets (the shinier the better) and despite my best intentions my drawers have a habit of filling up with jewellery that is neglected soon after.

I decided to get organised and went through my treasure chest of clutter taking a bag full of novelty necklaces and costume jewellery to my local charity shop. I was left with only my best gold and silver jewellery so I figured I'd make some storage to keep my streamlined collection tidy...

I bought some plain wooden boxes a while back so I dug them out and decided to jazz them up.

I had lots of ideas, covering them in marble contact paper, spraying them with my new found friend- stone effect spray paint or just simply staining them a nice dark walnut...

but I really liked the unfinished wood so I thought I'd do something that would leave some of it exposed -colour block boxes were the answer!


this is the easiest DIY yet!

take your boxes and remove the screws from the hinges.-you only need to remove the screws on the bottom half to separate the lid from the base.

now the box is separated you can paint the bottom of the box. I've used gold spray paint on the above image. you can use paint too just varnish afterwards.

leave the painted box halves to dry then screw the hinges back together.

if you want to upgrade them buy some foam and cut it to fit the inside of the box- you can then cover the foam in fabric or velvet to make a ring cushion- super fancy.

easy peasy huh? 

these little boxes are perfect for holding smaller items and my rings won't be sliding around in the drawers of my bedside table anymore! if you're looking for some cute little stocking fillers I would defo recommend these as they're super quick to make.

hope you've had a great weekend, back soon amigos!

caroline x


  1. These are lovely and look so simple to make! Might have to make a few for stocking fillers.

    Zoe | floral and feather

  2. These look lovely & I can imagine using a copper spray paint would look great too.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  3. Genius! This is a great idea!


    1. haha it's such a lazy DIY! thanks you :) xx



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