DIY removable triangle wall decals

I've been thinking about temporary wall art for a while now, I'm lucky that I can bash away at my walls with my endless hanging of pictures and frames but if you're in a rental you can be limited with what you can do to change up your space. I wanted to make something that could be taken down and moved around without damaging any walls (and the answer is decals!)

I did a little research and saw some triangle shape decals on urban outfitters. I thought they were a perfect pattern and easy enough to replicate myself.. 



I didn't shoot the process because it's crazy easy. first make a template by measuring an equilateral triangle onto cardboard (mine was 5x5x5cm) then cut it out.

roll out the black vinyl and using the cardboard template start marking and cutting out your vinyl triangles. I recommend putting on a good tv show on netflix (I'm watching narcos) I think I cut out about 70 triangles- you may need more or less depending on how much wall space you want to cover. 

remove the sticky backing and lightly stick the decals onto your wall- ta dahhh!

be careful when you remove the decals from your walls- when you want to change them just slowly peel them off. I was gentle and not a scrap of paint came off my office walls when I took mine down after two weeks.

you can cut out any shape you want for your decals- they'd also be a great way to decorate your space for a party as you can easily remove them afterwards.

would you be tempted to try something like this?

back soon!

caroline x