DIY succulent gift box

I love making gifts for my friends so I decided to combine two of my favourite things in this DIY -plants and presents! you know how much I love baby succulents right? I'll confess I've been looking for a way to sneak them back into another project and here they are...

this has been a really quick and fun box to put together. I wanted it to be a mini 'all in one' box that includes all the ingredients you'd need to plant up a succulent into a terrarium or pot. 

a succulent starter kit of sorts...


sand (optional)

I bought these cute little preserve jars which I've filled up with succulent soil, gravel and sand. succulents love good drainage so these three elements will help stop your plants becoming waterlogged (as long as they don't get over watered!) I've written about setting up terrariums here if you're curious.

when you've filled the jars pop them into the box with some baby plants. I jump at every chance to use my label maker so I've labelled everything...

I've used quite a deep box so I can close the lid. you could make a cute open arrangement in a more shallow box though.

ta daa... one box of baby succulent goodness! I love mine so much I'm tempted to gift it to myself.

would you ever give a plant box to your friends?

back soon!

caroline x