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this nail art is perfect for disguising chipped nails! when my polish starts to wear at the tips I reach for some tape and do a simple colour block design to hide any damage...

all you need is two polishes, a good top coat like seche vite and some tape (I use washi but you can use regular old sellotape)

I've painted a base coat of barry m huckleberry here, if your base colour is freshly painted then I'd recommend you apply a coat of seche first to prevent the colour from being pulled off by the tape (obvs let it dry first!)

use some tape to section off the tops of your nails and take your second colour and paint over the tips. remove the tape  and apply topcoat to smooth out the edges.

as you can see I've chosen two very pale colours which wasn't perfect when it came to taking pictures! you'll have to take my word for it looking cute in real life..

back soon, hope you're all enjoying the sunshine this week!

caroline x


  1. This looks gorgeous. My nails are going through a bit of a crisis recently, but this design looks amazing x

    1. thanks beauty! mine went through a bad patch so I left them bare for a month and used loads of oil on them and they're soooo much better again :) xx

  2. Gorgeous, have to give this a try! X

  3. These are so cute! I love it so much :)

  4. ah thanks so much adele! :) xx

  5. Such a great idea! I've never thought of making use of chipped nails! Thanks for sharing :)


  6. Such a useful idea! I love the colour combination too!

    Thank you!




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