5 easy ways to style your walls

I have a conflict when I decorate- I love minimal white homes but I also love colourful creative clutter! when it comes to my walls I try and mix up both so I thought I'd share how I like to display art and 'style' up my photos and trinkets in case any of you were looking for some new ideas...

bulldog clips.

I totally adore the simplicity of hanging postcards and prints from clips. I tend to use blue tac (on the back of both the clips and prints) so it's a great way for renters to decorate walls without causing any damage. plus it means you can switch up your pictures whenever you fancy! you can see some of my favourite clips in the above picture.


as a self confessed shelf addict I use them not only as storage but also as display (nothing beats a good 'shelfie' in my book) propping up framed prints is an easy peasy way to style your walls and display your favourite artwork.

washi tape.

washi tape is a really cute way to display pictures and postcards, you can mix up patterns and play around with the arrangement to your heart's content. I like to have a small cluster of images on a big white wall for contrast..

gallery walls.

these are pinterest heaven for me and I got slightly carried away buying ALLLL the frames when we decorated. I like frames to sit flush to the wall so I hang mine using command strips which are my little but surprisingly strong velcro heroes! how I style them? well I lay all the frames out on the floor and play with the arrangement until I'm happy-  then I take a quick picture on my phone and use that as a rough guide to their placement when I'm hanging.

trouser hangers.

yes possibly a strange one but I find these clothes hangers excellent for displaying artwork and also for hanging magazines on walls! I love how simple they look and you can stain or paint them a different colour in no time. I picked mine up in ikea for about 65p- winner!

so those are a few ways I like to display artwork and photographs, do you have any other suggestions?

if you're looking for some pinterest inspo I have a whole board devoted to walls (yes a bit sad I know..)

back soon!

caroline x


  1. I love the idea of using bulldog clips! It's such a pain to be a renter and never be able to hang painting up, so I might have to try this out!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. I had never thought about using trouser hangers! It's a really clever idea. And I love that sunglasses print you have on the gallery wall

    1. they're cute huh? the print was from urban outfitters- but I don't think it would be available now as it's quite old! They have loads of other nice ones though :) xx

  3. You have home decor down to a tee ;)

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Such clever ideas! This is the best blog for DIY and ideas, Thank you so much.

    1. oh that's made my week- thanks so much :) xx

  5. Love your blog, so many good ideas! Where do you get your art prints from?



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