DIY pom pom wall hanging

do you remember my pom pom tutorial? well after discovering the joy of pom pom makers I've not been able to stop making the little critters!

so what to do with all those pom poms I'd made? I wanted to make some kind of garland and I'm a huge fan of wall hangings so I figured I'd combined the two. 

I threaded the pom poms into rows with some white thread and tied each row to a branch I pinched from my apple tree. ta daaaa -an instant pom pom wall hanging! 

I really love how it adds a bright pop of colour to my wall, the only issue is kipper thinks I've created a giant toy (let's just say he's rather keen to get his paws on it!)

I think it's a great alternative to hanging pictures and it was so simple to make. you could even make them for celebrations.. I'm happy to have pom poms at my parties!

you can find my pom pom making tutorial over here if you fancy giving it a whirl.

do you like my fluffy new wall addition?

back soon

caroline x