DIY dipped terracotta planters

after a few intense gardening sessions my outdoor space is fast becoming a place that people can inhabit again! I've been buying up oodles of terracotta plant pots as I've always loved the way they weather outdoors, not only are they incredibly cheap- they're pretty fun to paint.

I wanted to try my hand at dipping pots rather than painting them by hand. it's super quick to do (but it can be a little messy so make sure you cover surfaces in lots of newspaper)

before you start tape up any drainage holes in your pots. then all you have to do is plunge your pot into a tub of white paint! 

I just used basic old white emulsion with a little water mixed in to loosen it up. I found these work best if you only dip once so make your first plunge a good firm one. once you've pulled out your pot leave it upright to dry - I left mine perched on some wooden blocks so the paint could drip off cleanly.

I also painted some little terracotta dishes for mine. when I move these pots outdoors I'll switch out my indoor plants for herbs and grasses..

pretty easy huh? I like how each one turns out slightly differently, gives them a little character.. or so I like to think!

back soon

caroline x

ps. that wooden ladder is a sneaky peek at another DIY I'm working on, I'll pop up the tutorial as soon as it's finished!