DIY copper photo display

my name's caroline and I'm addicted to copper spray paint! seriously- I just can't seem to help myself lately! 

before I go and check myself into copper rehab I wanted to share a fun little photo project I made last week! I wanted to be able to display my photos in a moveable way so I can change up the images whenever I fancy -I decided on a hanging display (where I could utilise some of my favourite stationery mini bulldog clips!)

I decided to make a wire photo display and yes you guessed it -copper was the theme! you'll need :

binder or bulldog clips (I've used both)
small nails
a hammer.

I've made a vertical display but you could make these horizontally too. first spray your clips and nails with the copper spray paint and leave to dry. then hammer two nails into your wall (mine were 40cm apart) and wrap/stretch the copper wire tightly around them- I did this three times to make three vertical wire displays.

all that's left to do is attach your photos, simply clip the pictures to the wires! I love arranging pictures so I'll probably change my up regularly..

I think it's a really fun way to display your instagram snaps and mementos! I can see myself making a giant version on one of my walls one day..

would you be tempted to make one too?

back soon!

caroline x