nail art + diy project galleries

just a quick little update from me today - I finally got around to creating galleries for some of my projects! it's been the one nagging thing on my to-do list so I decided to finally tackle it! I wanted to have a place you could find all my favourite tutorials together.. easy peasy.

so if you're ever hunting for some ideas pop over and check them out... I hope they're helpful!
  • nail art tutorials are here
  • and DIY/craft projects here!

I hope you're all having a wicked bank holiday weekend? I'm off to dig out the bag of mini eggs I hid from james earlier this week.. POW!

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Always love your DIYs, and now I can find them all easily in one place. Thank you!

    Hunter //


    1. thanks so much sophie!! it was nice to get it all a bit more organised ;) xx

  2. Enjoy the mini eggs and easter weekend!



    1. haha I did- too much chocolate!! thanks vivian!! :) xx


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