DIY stamped plant labels

as soon as the sun made an appearance this month the urge to start gardening was overwhelming! when we moved into our house the one project we neglected was our garden- last summer we didn't really utilise our outdoor space so I've been determined to get it finished before BBQ season arrives. we've just installed decking, replaced the fences and the turf is due to arrive next week (yippee) we're well on our way to having a garden that we can spend our summer enjoying!

I'm intending to grow my own herbs so I've installed some on my kitchen windowsills until the garden is ready. I wanted to pop some labels on them but I could only find cheap plastic ones so I decided to make my own!

I've just used some left over air dry clay to make mine- but polymer clay would be perfect!

just roll the clay flat with a rolling pin and use a ruler and craft knife to cut out long clay rectangles. (cut a point into one end to help stick them into the soil.)

then grab some small alphabet stamps and stamp on the herb/plant names. leave to dry (or if you're using clay that needs to bake- pop them in the oven.) I'm a bit of a impatient twerp so I left mine to dry on a hot radiator which made them curl up slightly! 

I've sealed mine with an acrylic spray sealant but I'm guessing you could also use varnish or PVA glue to help waterproof them!

pop them into your pots and you'll never put the completely wrong herbs into your dinner again. I might have done that more than once... 

back soon!

caroline x