DIY concrete candles

I've spent this morning panic packing as I'm going to copenhagen in the morning- eeek! before I head off I wanted to share a little project that I made a while back (....and forgot to post!)

this industrial style candle was originally made to be a succulent planter however after I sanded it down I decided it was better suited to be a centrepiece for my coffee table.

I simply made the vessel in the same way as my concrete planters (pop over for a refresher on how to make them if you missed it!)

the next part is easy peasy.. take some long pre dipped wicks and glue the base of the wicks onto the bottom of the concrete vessel. 

melt a large bag of wax pellets (I use an old saucepan, be careful not to overheat it) and pour it into the concrete. sometimes wax can dip as it dries, if this happens poke a few holes into dry wax and top up with some more melted wax until it's level.

trim the wicks and your candle is ready to burn.. hurrah!

what do you think.. is this something you'd try?

back soon!

caroline x