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It's been a little while since I've popped up a beauty post! Fear not, skincare is still top of my agenda (especially now I'm in my 30's!) 

Caudalie has been on my radar for a while (if Caroline Hirons gives it a thumbs up you can count me in) so I was really looking forward to diving into their Polyphenol C15 range. 

Aimed at busy, urban women who face exposure to pollution and stress its basically an anti-oxidant/free radical butt kicker! Sounds good huh?

I've been trying (and by trying I mean liberally coating myself in) 4 products from the range..

This little beauty is my favourite.. SO GOOD! It has the highest concentration of active ingredients in the C15 lineup. In addition to stabilised grape seed Polyphenols and vitamin C it's enriched with hyaluronic acid to make the skin more supple. I love serums that come with a pipette (extra fun) and the formula is seriously good, light, refreshing and absorbs in a flash. It basically blocks free radicals (the main cause of wrinkles) what's not to love?

As a side note the packaging is gorgeous, I love heavy glass bottles and this looks snazzy on my bedside table!

This is rather a fun product, I've never had a cream for both lips and eyes before! Again the gel cream is lovely and light, aimed to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the lips (good for smokers.) I have to admit I've become really fond of using this like a primer before I apply lip liner as it's makes my skin nice and smooth! 

Personally I like a cream that has SPF to apply in the morning, god knows I'm too lazy to apply SPF separately! This oil free fluid is a great hydrating moisturiser with the added bonus of smelling divine- think zesty citrus and mint leaves! Again like the others it's ultra light on the skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and prepped before I apply my make up. 

This is the newest addition to the range targeted at us girls with dry skin, very similar to the fluid but you've guessed it slightly heavier, and by heavier I mean in density it's still super quick to absorb! A good alternative if you find fluids a little too light and fancy something more velvety and plumping. 

All of these products are designed to protect your skin from daily stress factors- better equipping your skin to defend itself naturally against free radical damage. With 100% anti-oxidant protection it's a great selection for all skin types and ages (especially those approaching or into their 30's)

To celebrate their new anti wrinkle cream Caudalie have created a fun app online where you can make your own video to emulate your 1000 lives in a day. If you'd like to try out the range you can enter your own video for a chance to win an anti-ox box packed with C15 skincare goodies! 

Just pop here to create your animated clip and share it with your friends.. Check out mine, it only took a few minutes to make!

I've been using these products for over a month now and I honestly won't be stopping any time soon.. they've given my skin a much needed pick me up just in time for summer..

Have you tried Caudalie products before? 

Back soon!

Caroline x

*sponsored post with Caudalie, love of pipettes and zesty smells my own!


  1. Sounds like a really good range to try~

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


    1. they'e so lovely- I hate heavy creams and these are so light (but effective!) xx

  2. Have you noticed any difference in skin-tone evenness with the heavier cream, or really any of the line's products?

    1. my skin looks brighter -my skin tone is fairly even so it's hard to say there's been a big improvement in tone specifically, I'd recommend the serum for the best overall effect for me personally :) xx

  3. Looks interesting!

    1. thanks you! I really like them - defo a brand to watch out for :) xx



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