DIY washi tape stickers

washi tape is one of my favourite things, I have a big stash for present wrapping, sticking postcards on walls and decorating my to do lists!  

I saw these washi tape stickers on moments to live for and thought it was a genius idea! I'm always looking for new ways to use washi tape so I went hunting for a big hole punch..

my version are made with double sided tape but you can use wax paper. take a wide roll (at least 1" thick) of double sided tape and cut off some 5 inch sections.

leave them on a flat surface with the sticky side facing upwards, now take two washi tape colours/designs and cut off a strip of each. place the two strips directly onto the sticky side of the double sided tape. 

put them through the large hole punch to make your stickers!

I'm using mine to decorate some of my muji notebooks- just peel off the backing once you're ready to get sticking!

are you a fellow washi tape addict?

back soon!

caroline x