DIY personalised heart teabags

I'm a sucker for personalised gifts.. I'm also a tea addict so I figured it was only right to combine the two!

as valentines is approaching I've been thinking about gift ideas, for me valentines isn't about getting flashy gifts, it's more about giving something thoughtful. that's why I love to diy, making something personal is ultimately more satisfying than buying a generic gift.

last year I had some of my instagram pictures printed into mini polaroid pictures, I though they could be a perfect way to personalise a gift! this little project is very simple but perfect for tea lovers like myself, in fact I may just keep these little puppies all for myself..

first cut open a regular square teabag and remove the tea leaves. draw a heart shape onto a piece of card and cut it out to create a small template, use this template to draw 2 outlines on the empty teabag.

cut out the 2 heart shapes!

using a needle and string start to sew together the two shapes. start at the top of the heart in the centre and sew around the outside towards the bottom.

as you sew round towards the top pause and pop the tea leaves back into the teabag -you need those!

continue to sew the teabag until you reach the top of the heart again, make sure you start with enough thread to leave a good amount of excess as above. take two pictures and cover the back of one in double sided tape or glue- sandwich the thread between the two pictures to finish!  

time for a cuppa? pop you teabag into water as usual!

wah-lah handmade teabags!

personally I think these are cute enough to give all year round but they would be a lovely valentines gift..

are you planning on making any handmade gifts this year?

back soon!

caroline x