diy | copper planter

I have a secret obsession with copper..

metallic homewares have a minimal feel that I can't get enough of, there's something about copper that makes me think of those slick scandinavian homes that live on pinterest. late last year I bought some copper vinyl that I never got around to using, I figured this would be an easy way to add some metallic touches into my home (without james telling me off for buying more clutter...)

here's how to make your planter:

- take a sheet of self adhesive vinyl copper (this small sheet cost me £2 from eBay)
- take an old tin, I've used an old storage tin but you could also use old baked bean tins etc.
- measure the height of your tin (you can wrap the vinyl around to gauge the width you'll need.)
- mark the size you need onto the back of the copper sheet and cut out with a craft knife.
- remove the self adhesive backing and simply wrap around the tin, smooth as you work around to push out any air bubbles.

I find this works best on containers that don't taper- when the top and bottom are the same width it's easy peasy to wrap around! 

...just pop in some greenery and give your new planter a home!

do you like it? 

back soon!

caroline x