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I was looking at fabrics yesterday and I decided to make some cushions, you can never have too many cushions right? throw pom poms into the mix and everyone's a winner! 

I made these two cushions yesterday whilst I watched a documentary on netflix (and ate my way through a rather large bag of popcorn.. ooops.)

you'll need fabric and pom pom trim, this multicoloured trim is from deckchairstripes who sell a glorious selection of trims and fabrics which you can find here.

firstly cut out two squares from your fabric- I used an empty cushion cover as a guide for size. place the fabric squares right side facing and lay a strip your trim along one side with the pom poms facing inwards as above.

now is the time to remove your kitten assistant if you have one.. 

pin your trim along the bottom piece of fabric to keep it in place, next pin down the top section of fabric to sandwich in the pom poms. 

sew along the pinned edge, I prefer to hand sew as I can feel where the pom poms are so I don't sew them down.. remember you're sewing along the gap between the trim edge and the pom poms. 

when you reach the end of your first side turn the right way round (as above) to check everything is hunky dory.

turn the fabric right sides facing again -add your trim and repeat on the other two sides. turn the cushion inside out and pop in your cushion! 

tuck the remaining edges inside -pin in another row of pom poms and close with a blind stitch (you can add a zipper but I was being lazy!)

is this a cushion or a new cat toy.. hmmmm

fabric | john lewis
pom pom trim | c/o deckchairstripes

I'm already wondering what else I can pom pom!

would you be tempted to try making these?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This is beyond adorable, loving the colour x

    1. thanks so much holl! I'm really pleased with it :) xx

  2. Really cute DIY!

    xx, Renaud |

  3. I love how this looks in the white space! It's such a nice pop of colour!!!

    xx Hannah

    1. thanks so much hannah! I love bright colours haha :) xx

  4. Ahh I can't resist pom poms!

    Maria xxx

  5. What a fun and beautiful interior project!! I love the gorgeous shades of the pom poms giving quite the range of colours to work with!! Great tutorial!! : D

    Faded Windmills



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