meet kipper

meet kippenberger (or kipper as we like to call him.)

we decided it was high time there was a new arrival in our home and we're the happiest parents ever.
he likes to hang out in bookcases, chase his own tail and nibble our feet. he sneaks under the duvet at night and purrs so loudly it's impossible to sleep. 

like me he's forever hungry, unlike me he's ninja quick so I'm constantly removing him from inside the fridge. 

I find myself showing pictures of him to everyone I meet (yes I'm that person.) we fight over who he loves most (me.. wink) but he does seem to enjoy james renditions of take that so maybe I need to up my game. 

he's the best thing that's ever happened to us and very definitely the bestest kitten ever. not that we're biased or anything...

caroline x