DIY clay succulent planters

I've discovered a new found love of clay.. it's basically play doh for grown ups!

last saturday night whilst watching x-factor in my pj's (yep it's gets pretty wild up in here at the weekends) I decided to break out the packed of clay I'd picked up earlier in the week. I was planning on making some little trinket bowls until I remembered a tutorial for succulent planters I'd seen by say yes on pinterest.

I've always been one for shortcuts so I liked the idea of using air dry clay! I rolled out a piece with a rolling pin (roughly 0.5cm in thickness) and cut out a rectangle shape. then I used a scalpel to cut a scallop pattern along one of the long edges and then folded the rectangle into a cylinder shape. for the bottom I cut out a rough circle and placed it into the bottom of the clay cylinder. to make it all a little neater I sealed over the joints with the blunt side of my knife before using a wet paintbrush to smooth out any imperfections.

I also made a mini tub planter by roughly cutting out 3 rectangles for the sides and base and 2 squares for the ends. You could measure them out and be more precise than I've been here, I was just playing around and experimenting!

I left my planters to dry out for a few days before I planted my little babies into them.. I have oodles of baby cacti so these are perfect for housing them on my bookcases! 

have you ever made anything out of clay?

caroline x