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  hanging planter | ikea
floral planter | charity shop
concrete planter | ikea

I always seem to be buying little things for the house.. so I though I'd share a few of them! 

plants seem to be taking over this house so I'm forever looking for new planters! I transplanted half a dozen plants of my before the summer and they've since had a huge growth spurt so I'm going to do the same with some of my babies. I love hanging planters I have a few that I've made and some that I've bought including this woven one above from ikea. I also picked up a few of these neutral concrete planters and charity shops can be amazing for finding small unusual planters for succulents! 

hangers and notebooks | ikea

I've been buying trouser hangers like they're going out of fashion recently, they're great for hanging pictures (post coming soon to demonstrate- promise I've not gone mad) I also picked up some of these notebook when I popped to ikea. (urm I guess notebooks aren't really homewares.. but ikea sell stationery wooohooo) 

I've developed a bit of a love for the range shop, they sell some really affordable homewares and I quite often find myself going in for a browse and returning home with the most random purchases. case in point- this moroccan hurricane lamp! it's really quite tall (knee height) and is a beautiful amber colour when it has a candle lit inside. I guess you could pop this in your the garden but I think I'll keep this one for indoors. 

the best part? it was only £20.. that's a lotta lamp for your money!

have you discovered any new homeware shops recently? let me know if you have any recommendations!

caroline x