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I've always had a soft spot for halloween... sweets, dressing up and pumpkin carving? sounds like a recipe for a damn good night to me.

so in the spirit of all things ghoulish I thought I'd paint some spooky eye nails, they're not too tricky and perfect for halloween so if you need some last minute nail-spiration read on..

I first came across these nails on wah and they're pretty quick to paint. simply start off with a white base coat!

now take some nail art brushes, I'm using this models own set. paint a blue circle in the middle of your nail to start off the the eye, then using red polish draw on little veins around the outside to create the bloodshot effect.

this is roughly how they should look!

now simply add a black dot in the blue circle to create the pupil, and a smaller white dot inside that for the highlight.

seal with a slick of topcoat and your freaky eye nails are finished!

are you all ready for halloween this year? 

caroline x



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