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oh man I LOVE ikea! it has to be my favourite place to shop, hands down. 

a trip there brings almost as much excitement as going on holiday (geeky but true) luckily I don't live too close to one or I'd likely move in on a permanent basis! when james said he wanted to get a glass display cabinet from there for his birthday (cough, I nearly proposed) no seriously I played it cool and said yeahh I don't mind going to grab you one.. WHO WAS I KIDDING, I couldn't wait!

when we first moved in we had some epic ikea hauls (everything from beds to cutlery) thankfully now when we go we pretty much have everything we need so it's more about getting trinkets and finishing touches... and errr meatballs and cake.

this time around I picked up some cosy throws for our bed before the temperature drops, my favourite was the indira throw pictured above, we grabbed the smaller size (under £15) but it's actually pretty darn big. I also had to grab some more plants.. I am in danger of turning our pad into a greenhouse but I just love having greenery about the house!

I also got hold of lots of new candles.. it's impossible not to buy some! as james is saying 'we don't need anymore do we' I'm nodding in agreement and saying 'no' while loading them up into the trolley..

I do love having them all lit at night and for a few pound ikea is definitely the best place to stock up. (this trio of porcelain ones above are scented and are so pretty I'll have to force myself to light them..)

we also grabbed some of these super cute outdoor lanterns (granted we rather missed the boat on our timing) autumn is here so it won't be long until we won't use the garden! these ones are solar so I'll wire them up and drape them over the branches of our apple tree. 

I also invested some new bedding, unusually for me I bought a white duvet set (dvala) it's not expensive and is really quite soft and cuddly! white duvets are usually a no go for me as I often put on fake tan if I'm going out however winter's coming so I'll be embracing the porcelain skin thing and white once again.. yippee!!

have you been to ikea recently? I'm already going through the catalogue planning my next trip.. send help!

caroline xx