lifestyle | organising your shoe collection

if you're anything like me you might find your shoes are a royal pain to keep tidy? they end up scattered around my house and even when I do stack them neatly under my clothes rails they're constantly getting tangled up and dusty!

so james came up with a wicked solution.. why didn't I photograph and store them away? 

I took photographs of all the shoes I didn't wear often (but still loved) I put them into old shoe boxes and popped the polaroid of whatever shoes were tucked inside onto the front!

btw. my weapon of choice was my pink instax which takes super cute intant snaps!

voila, I can see what I have without messing up my dressing room hunting for shoes! I've even managed to fit more than one pair into some of the bigger boxes to save space. I've stacked my favourites under my clothes rails and put the others into my bedroom cupboard. I've tried to follow a few rules to stay organised:

-I've packed away summer shoes, but I can see where they are easily if I need them. 

-I've been strict and bagged up those I don't wear for my local charity shop.

-I've picked out the 5 pairs I wear most day to day and left them within easy reach.

I'm super pleased with how much more floor space I now have.. those dang shoes were taking over. It's also a great way to keep on track of what you have (I found some I'd forgotten about which I'll now wear again) and the pictures are a quick reference guide for when you're hunting in cupboards for those elusive strappy sandals...

would you be tempted to try this too?

caroline x