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my nightly ritual of double cleansing is right up there with my other favourite thing to do... jumping into my pj's (yup lazy girl for life!)

I do a morning cleanse but the nightly ritual of make up removal is just WAY more satisfying! I like to feel squeaky clean which is why I'm a fully fledged member of the double cleanse club. here's how I like to party at my crib:

start by tying back your hair.. do it or you'll end up missing areas in an attempt to keep your hair dry! next I remove my eye make up as I don't like to smudge it all down my face and into my pores (no sireeee I grab my clarins and take that mascara off before I start the proper job!)

then it's my favourite step; the oil based cleanser to get rid of the SPF, sebum and make up residue. I apply my oil based balm/cleanser with clean hands and massage in thoroughly (but gently) especially on any problem areas (nose and chin for me.) I had been using liz earle cleanse and polish but this one love organics waterless beauty balm has totally replaced it in my routine for the last month or so. the balm smells like zesty citrus and is the most crazy texture, it melts like butter when applied and massages in really well. a little goes a really long way and the pure cold pressed plant oils leave my skin feeling incredibly plump and nourished. 

one love organics skin savior balm*

the beauty balm is a multi purpose number that you use can use to moisturise dry skin, massage and condition.. a nice little all rounder in my book.

once you've worked in your cleanser remove with a warm flannel or muslin cloth. I have to say I'm in team flannel for cleansing as they I can throw them into the washing machine without any fuss and they feel more robust to use. (this balm really does need to be removed with a cloth as splashing water alone won't remove it due to the oils!) also I like to leave the tap running rather than filling up the basin and dipping back into water containing dirt I've just washed off!

for the second cleanse I use a lighter gel or milky cleanser to remove any remaining reside from the day. my favourite is the alpha h balancing cleanser which I recently repurchased- this bad boy smells great and is super gentle and soothing on my skin (it also works well with my cleansing brushes too!) 

again I remove with a warm cloth so my skin is totally clear of impurities.. perfect! after all the fun I'm ready for my pj's.. rock 'n' roll baby.

do you like a good ol' double cleanse.. what products do you recommend?

caroline x

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  1. I've never tried a beauty balm cleanser, but this sounds good! A makeup free face is one of the best feelings ever!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


    1. oooo they are SO MUCH FUN!! defo recommend them lady :) xx

  2. Double cleansing has changed my skin completely! I take off my eye makeup with Bioderma, then use Emma Hardy Amazing Face cleansing balm for the first cleanse and then old faithful, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, for a second cleanse.
    My skin is so much better for it.
    Great post x

    1. me too, just feel so much better knowing everything is off my face and my skin is so much better this year :) ps. really curious to try the EH balm -heard great things about that one too! :) xx

  3. That balm looks super fancy there, I like the look of that. My balm cleansers are all used up so I'm looking for a new one at the minute....might have a cheeky browse online.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I've not tried double cleansing but I definitely get into my pyjamas as soon as I get home haha!

    Maria xxx



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